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The Agency Information guide

The Agency Information Guide outlines how information held by this Department may be accessed and in accordance with section 20 of the GIPA Act:

  • Outlines the structure and function of the Department.
  • Describes the ways in which the functions (including decision-making functions) of the Department affect members of the public.
  • Specifies arrangements that exist to enable members of the public to participate in the formulation of policies within the Department and the exercise of the Agency's functions.
  • Identifies the various kinds of government information held by the Department.
  • Identifies the kinds of government information held by the Department that is publicly available.
  • Specifies the manner in which the Department makes (or will make) government information publicly available.
  • Identifies the kinds of information that are (or will be) made publicly available free of charge and information for which a charge is (or will be) imposed.

An expanded version [PDF, 239kb] of this Publication Guide is available.